Why Hire a Cannabis Lawyer?

Why Hire a San Diego Cannabis Attorney?

In a Growing Industry That Needs Help, Turn to Our Firm

Cannabis continues to grow in its popularity and usage. What was once taboo is now being recognized as a genuine and viable medical alternative. Studies continue to pour forth indicating the benefits of cannabis and medical dispensaries continue to pop up around the United States—especially in California.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and moves towards recreational legalization, it only makes sense to try to tap into this business field and benefit from its growth. If you are wading into this venture or are already active in the field, you need professional legal assistance to maximize your profits and your protection.

Purdy & Bailey, LLP has experience navigating these laws. Reach out to our San Diego cannabis business attorneys for counsel when you call (858) 360-7080!

Benefits of Hiring Our Team

Unlike most areas of business, the cannabis industry comes with unique opportunities and challenges. It is difficult to navigate these obstacles without seasoned experience and protection, which our firm can provide.

Areas our San Diego cannabis lawyers can assist with include:

These are just a handful of the areas Purdy & Bailey, LLP can provide legal insight on. Our team can also help guard against civil or criminal liability. As a firm that is a member of NORML, Cannabis Coalition, and Cannabis Entrepreneurial Association, we provide leading representation and counsel every step of the way when you hire us.

What to Expect from Purdy & Bailey, LLP

At Purdy & Bailey, LLP, we have more than half a century of litigation experience and a track record of providing efficient and cost effective results. We are proud to serve San Diego and are a one-stop shop for business owners and professionals involved in the cannabis industry.

If you are involved in the cannabis industry, contact Purdy & Bailey, LLP today at (858) 360-7080. We provide confidential consultations.

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