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What to Do About Employment Law Disputes

San Diego Attorneys Prevent Employee Claims Before they Arise

Disputes between employers and employees are bound to arise in any business. As the employer, you should do your best to prevent them in the formative stages of your business. However, even the most prudent business owner may face disputes over the lifespan of a company. Our business law attorneys in San Diego assist those in both situations. If you own a business and want to learn more about litigation prevention, are currently facing accusations of wrongdoing, or are an employee who suffered an injustice at your job, speak to Purdy & Bailey, LLP about your options.

At our firm, we do not limit ourselves to just one area of practice. We assist companies in the incorporation stage by looking to the future, anticipating potential issues and putting preventative measures in place now. For our clients who are beyond the prevention stage and are currently embroiled in a dispute, we can come up with a plan to guide you out of the storm.

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How to Prevent Disputes Between Employers &Employees

During the business incorporation process, it is very important that you create corporate policies as well as business and employment contracts that take as many scenarios as possible into account. Our experience in the courtroom has shown us what types of lawsuits appear most often, and we can explain how to structure your business in a way that respects the law while maximizing your chances for success. If your business is already up and running, it is not too late to shift your policies to be in alignment with state and federal employment laws.

Some areas worth considering are:

  • The hiring and promotion process - Having anti-discrimination policies in place, with oversight, can prevent future accusations of wrongdoing.
  • Termination policies - California law allows either employer or employee to terminate the working relationship at any time. For highly-paid or key employees, an employment contact can delineate both parties’ rights and responsibilities. Avoid wrongful termination suits by implementing fair policies and procedures.
  • Salary and rates - Avoid accusations of discrimination by ensuring your employees are being paid fairly according to the law. It is also important to ensure you understand California law regarding minimum wage and overtime pay.
  • Employees versus independent contractors - This topic has been the subject of many class action lawsuits recently. The way you classify your workers affects how they work for you, and how you are required to pay them.
  • Salaried versus hourly workers - These types of employees have different rights and responsibilities. A salaried employee must have managerial or supervisory duties, and not just in name but in practice.

Our firm can educate your new business about ways to stay up-to-date with the constantly shifting employment laws, and we can review your current policies to make sure you are operating lawfully.

California Business Attorneys for Employer-Employee Disputes

If you need a San Diego business lawyer’s advice, Purdy & Bailey, LLP is here for you. Our team has 50+ years of combined experience and can assist you through this challenging time.

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