Forming a New Business? Think Twice Before Using Legal Zoom.

If you’re an entrepreneur starting a new business, you might have read a lot about the convenience that services like Legal Zoom provide. While the promise of streamlining your startup without the “friction” of having to deal with a lawyer might seem attractive at first, the reality is that forgoing personalized legal help is rife with risk.

At best, you might find that Legal Zoom’s process didn’t account for the unique needs of your company. This can leave you to sift through the pieces to find what was left out of the picture and what needs a personalized touch-up. At worst, putting your company into a cookie-cutter process can leave it vulnerable to compliance violations and other exterior threats to your business operations.

Instead, you should place your startup in the hands of actual attorneys who you can meet, discuss your needs, and collaborate with on the business formation process. Our legal team at Purdy & Bailey, LLP, can provide such individualized legal support and so much more. Keep reading to see why choosing real attorneys over an algorithmic process could be more beneficial to your company in the long run.

We Are Real People Offering a Personalized Experience

As we touched on above, the promise of starting your business through an automated process might sound appealing at first. The tradeoff for such expediency, however, can amount to significant risk. The reality is that working with a human attorney might not be as bad as you’ve heard or currently believe.

The time you spend collaborating with your lawyer is time well spent when it means getting things right on the first pass and fine-tuning the details that matter to you. You might not want to write many emails or take many phone calls during the business formation process, but these are all opportunities to focus on important legal issues.

Once your company is formally engaged with us at Purdy & Bailey, LLP, our attorneys are happy to provide as much communication as you need to feel confident during formation. Not only can we explain what’s happening at any given time, but we can also explain why.

We Offer Turn-Key Solutions

If you were considering Legal Zoom before because of its supposed convenience over working with a lawyer, you might be surprised to find how convenient the latter experience can be.

The legal service we offer at Purdy & Bailey, LLP, includes turn-key business startup solutions. When you work with us, all you need to do is open a bank account for your new company. That’s it. We’ll take care of the details, such as securing a FEIN for the entity or preparing a Subchapter S Election to the IRS.

Don’t worry, though—we’ll keep you informed of everything we’re doing and the purpose of each step of this process.

We Can Guide Your Transition to Operations

The final leg of the business formation process is making its transition to operations. This can be a tricky process due to all of the moving parts involved. Regardless, our legal team at Purdy & Bailey, LLP, can provide the direct legal support you need to keep everything on track—from licensing to operations and banking, we can ensure your transition moves as smoothly as possible.

Contact Us for Legal Assistance

Legal Zoom might seem like a convenient option for new business owners, but nothing beats the personalized legal services a human attorney can offer. Purdy & Bailey, LLP, can offer you what no automated system can: Personalized legal support that addresses your company’s unique needs and custom-tailored solutions built just for you.

Learn more about the services we can provide during an introductory consultation. Contact us now to get started.

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