More Marijuana Businesses Are Leaving California Due to Business Regulations


Since 2018, thousands of marijuana businesses have closed shop and left California as the state shifts into the legal marijuana market. As a result, California has become one of the most highly regulated marijuana business landscapes in the country.

Marijuana businesses are leaving the state for a variety of reasons, from the inability to obtain necessary local and state licenses to state regulations that are costing business owners so much they can no longer comply.

Although California is the biggest marijuana space in the world, the state hasn’t been very friendly to new businesses, despite lawmaker’s attempts to make the situation better.

Michael Katz used to own Evoxe Laboratories, a vape cartridge firm based in Los Angeles, but was forced to close his business after California started enforcing new legal marijuana regulations. According to Mr. Katz, “All of the pieces of the puzzle were cost-prohibitive. California just became a place where it was not advisable to keep putting resources into the market with all the uncertainty.”

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