How Close Can a Cannabis Dispensary Be to a School in California?

Marijuana plants.

Since medical and recreational marijuana became legal in California, cannabis dispensaries have become increasingly common. The more cannabis dispensary locations there are, the more likely that some will end up located near schools.

That being the case, many cannabis dispensary owners have begun to wonder how close their dispensaries can legally be to schools. This is important to consider because if a cannabis dispensary violates California's laws and regulations regarding marijuana sales and distribution, it could result in the business incurring costly fines and/or the closure of the dispensary.

In this blog post, we will explore the current laws and regulations regarding how close cannabis dispensaries can be to schools in California.

Under California Law, How Far Away Does My Cannabis Dispensary Need to Be from a School?

California law prohibits cannabis dispensaries from operating within 600 feet of any K-12 school. This includes any public or private school where classes are taught for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The 600-foot rule also applies to facilities and properties used for school-related activities, such as playgrounds and sports fields.

Dispensary owners in California should also be aware of another restriction regarding how close their cannabis business is to schools. Cannabis dispensaries cannot advertise within 1,000 feet of any K-12 school. This means that any advertising or promotion, such as billboards or flyers, must be kept at least 1,000 feet away from schools.

It's important to note that there may be additional local regulations that dispensaries need to follow. Some cities in California require dispensaries to be even further away from schools than the state law, so it's crucial to check with local authorities and an experienced cannabis business attorney before opening a dispensary.

Thinking About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary in California? Purdy & Bailey, LLP Can Help. Contact Us Now for a Free Consultation!

As we’ve explained in this blog post, it's clear that cannabis dispensaries in California must follow strict regulations regarding their proximity to schools and advertising practices. By adhering to both state and local laws, dispensaries can operate successfully and responsibly while also protecting the safety of children in the community.

As a cannabis dispensary owner, it's crucial that you are aware of any laws, rules, or regulations that impact your business. If you do that and adhere to those laws, rules, and regulations, you should be able to avoid any costly fines or penalties. The best way for cannabis dispensary owners to stay apprised of and adhere to California’s cannabis laws, rules, and regulations is to hire an experienced cannabis business lawyer to guide them through the process.

At Purdy & Bailey, LLP, we understand the unique challenges that come with owning and operating a cannabis dispensary in California. Our knowledgeable cannabis business law attorneys can provide you with the legal guidance you need to keep your cannabis dispensary compliant with the law and help your dispensary thrive financially for years to come.

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