Governor Newsom Acts Against Illegal Cannabis Farms


As California adjusts to the process of cannabis legalization, many existing growers and sellers have been faced with increasingly onerous regulations. In spite of the rocky transition period to recreational pot, law enforcement has continued to pursue harsh action against cannabis businesses that fail to comply.

In the most recent example of this trend, newly-appointed California governor Gavin Newsom has made an announcement that he will be cracking down on illegal cannabis farms throughout the state – but particularly in the north, where many cartel growers have flourished. To accomplish this, Governor Newsom has re-assigned more than 150 National Guard troops from the U.S.-Mexico border to the task of reining in illegal cannabis.

How Will the Crackdown Affect Small Businesses?

Although some unethical cannabis businesses and growers have purposely avoided the scrutiny of state officials, many others have simply been hampered by the confusing regulations. Small business owners who sold cannabis for years to medicinal patients may now be facing suspension, fines, and even jail for failing to get the correct permits in time before the recreational rush.

Regulatory officials don’t always acknowledge how difficult it can be for small businesses to secure these licenses, which can cost thousands of dollars and take months to get approved. Still other legal businesses have either been unsure about where to test their products, or unable to reach a nearby testing and licensing facility at all.

Small growers have faced similar issues, as there are still zoning restrictions and outright bans for cannabis farmers in place throughout the state. Unfortunately for growers, finding a new location can be next to impossible in the current real estate climate. With Governor Newsom’s announcement, many growers are rightfully concerned that this could represent a return to the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) program, which many considered a government-led “drug war.”

Dedicated Advocacy for California Cannabis Businesses

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