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Navigating Your Real Estate Litigation and Contract

Real estate laws create obstacles for anyone wishing to buy, sell, lease, or manage a property in San Diego. Before you sign an agreement or attempt to enforce the law on your own, speak with a real estate litigation attorney with experience resolving property disputes.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Purdy & Bailey, LLP can navigate you through the complex laws and statutes that govern real estate transactions. If you are involved in a disagreement over real estate, our lawyers routinely represent our clients in court for matters concerning boundary disputes, quiet title actions, adverse possession, and breach of contract. Our real estate litigators are ready to take on your case.

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Our Real Estate Litigation Practice Areas

At Purdy & Bailey, LLP our San Deigo real estate lawyers divide our time between litigation and transactional work, and we have found that our experience in one strengthens our proficiency in the other. We see firsthand how oversights in the contract stages can lead to lawsuits later on. Read on below to see the types of real estate law cases we handle in San Diego.

Contact Purdy & Bailey, LLP for any of the matters below:

  • Representation for Buyers and Sellers of Real Property - We offer legal representation for advice, contract drafting, title searches, zoning laws and more to ensure you are protected when buying or selling real property, whether commercial, residential or agricultural.
  • Commercial Leases - Before locking yourself into a lease agreement, either as a landlord or tenant, seek qualified legal counsel. We can draft and/or review commercial leases to be sure your rights are protected.
  • Building and Improvement Contracts - California’s property and real estate laws are constantly changing. We can let you know how to keep your commercial property up to code and in compliance with any local zoning ordinances.
  • Real Estate Litigation - Not every dispute can be solved through negotiation or mediation. We represent clients who hold valid claims to their property. Maybe your neighbor is violating the Solar Rights Act, or a local municipality is violating the terms of your easement. We can protect your interests through legal representation, particularly if you have any of the following issues:
    • Specific Performance - If you executed a contract for real estate as a buyer or seller and one party breaches the contract, you may be able to force the party to comply. Our firm has experience enforcing and defending against the specific performance of a contract.
    • Eminent Domain - Government agencies may use the eminent domain doctrine to seize private property and use it for public goods.
    • Boundary Encroachment, Adverse Possession, and Easements - If a neighbor or entity is encroaching on your real estate boundaries, we can file suit to enforce your property rights. We handle adverse possession claims and defenses, including claims of prescriptive of easements. If you are looking to drafting or enforce an easement (a legal right-of-way, or permission to enter and/or use property), we work with clients for utility easements and residential or business prescriptive easements.

Speak with an Experienced Real Estate Litigation Lawyer in San Diego

If you are about to sign a contract, wondering what to do about notices you have received, or need to force someone to abide by the conditions listed in a contract, contact a San Diego real estate litigation attorney at Purdy & Bailey, LLP today. Each of our clients face different situations, and we can map out a strategy specific to your legal obstacles.

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