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Disputes are bound to arise between property owners, neighbors, landlords, tenants, and government agencies who disagree about how certain parcels of property should be used, leased, bought, or sold. As attorneys who both analyze transactions and provide representation for litigation, we understand how proper due diligence in the early stages can create a path that avoids obstacles later on.

If you or your business is already involved in real estate or boundary disputes, a San Diego real estate lawyer from Purdy & Bailey, LLP can help. Our firm understands how state, federal and local laws affect those involved with the buying, selling, leasing and managing of property. When property disputes cannot be resolved informally, we can represent you in court.

Our real estate litigation practice areas include:

  • Specific Performance - Specific performance is an equitable remedy that forces a breaching party to fulfill the terms of the contract. Specific performance can be ordered in real estate breach of contract cases, but it will not be ordered in every case. If specific performance is not ordered by a judge, monetary damages can compensate property buyers and sellers for any losses sustained.
  • Eminent Domain - Through eminent domain, the government can take possession of private property and convert it into public property for community use—when building a road or new school, for example. However, property owners still have rights, and the government must provide fair compensation when purchasing property through eminent domain.
  • Boundary Encroachment, Adverse Possession & Easements - Did someone build a structure that intrudes upon your property? Do you need a quiet title action by adverse possession or need to defend against one? Do you have an easement on your property that someone is taking advantage of, or is a utility company seeking to impose an easement on your property? We can examine your situation and explain the best ways to resolve these types of situations.

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Every real estate agreement involves a unique contract and understanding of the law. You will not find a solution to your specific situation on a website. Instead, we invite you to meet with us and explain the facts of your situation. We can analyze your case, map out a path towards success and guide you through the process of resolving your real estate dispute.

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