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Disputes are bound to arise between property owners, neighbors, landlords, tenants, and government agencies who disagree about how specific parcels of property should be used, leased, bought, or sold. However, as San Diego attorneys who both analyze transactions and provide representation for litigation, we understand how proper due diligence in the early stages can create a path that avoids obstacles later on.

If you or your business is already involved in real estate or boundary disputes, a San Diego real estate lawyer from Purdy & Bailey, LLP can help. Our law firm understands how state, federal and local laws affect those involved with the buying, selling, leasing and managing of property. When property disputes cannot be resolved informally, our real estate lawyers can represent you in  San Diego court.

Our San Diego real estate litigation practice areas include:

  • Specific Performance- Specific performance is an equitable remedy that forces a breaching party to fulfill the terms of the contract. Specific performance can be ordered in real estate breach of contract cases, but it will not be contained in every case. If a judge does not mandate particular performance, monetary damages can compensate property buyers and sellers for sustained losses.
  • Boundary Encroachment, Adverse Possession & Easements- Did someone build a structure that intrudes upon your property? Do you need a quiet title action by adverse possession or to defend against one? Do you have an easement on your property that someone is taking advantage of, or is a utility company seeking to impose an easement on your property? We can examine your situation and explain the best ways to resolve these cases.

Different Types of Real Estate Litigation in California

Real estate litigation in California can involve a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Boundary disputes: These disputes arise when two neighboring property owners disagree about the location of their property line. Boundary disputes can be caused by several factors, such as inaccurate surveys, changes in the landscape, or encroachment by one neighbor onto the other neighbor's property.
  • Easement disputes: Easements are legal rights to use another person's property for a specific purpose. Easement disputes can arise when the property owner and the easement holder disagree about the scope of the easement or how it can be used.
  • Title disputes: Title disputes arise when two or more people claim to own the same property. Some factors, such as errors in public records, fraudulent conveyances, or adverse possession, can cause title disputes.
  • Breach of contract disputes: Breach of contract disputes arise when one party to a real estate contract fails to uphold their obligations. For example, a buyer may sue a seller for breach of contract if the seller fails to deliver a clear title to the property or if the property is not in the condition represented in the agreement.
  • Construction defects disputes: Construction defects disputes arise when a property is built with imperfections that make it unsafe or unfit for habitation. Construction defects disputes can be filed against the builder, the architect, or other contractors who worked on the property.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes: Landlord-tenant disputes can involve various issues, such as rent payments, evictions, and repairs.

In addition to these specific types of real estate litigation, several other disputes can arise in the context of real estate transactions. For example, there may be disputes over the disclosure of defects, the allocation of insurance proceeds, or the interpretation of zoning laws.

Suppose you are involved in a real estate dispute in California. In that case, it is crucial to speak with an experienced real estate attorney to discuss your rights and options. A real estate attorney can help you understand the legal issues involved in your case and develop a strategy to achieve your desired outcome.

San Diego Litigation Attorneys for Real Estate Disputes Fight on Your Behalf!

Every real estate agreement involves a unique contract and understanding of the law. You will not find a solution to your specific situation on a website. Instead, our law firm invites you to meet with us and explain the facts of your situation. Then, we can analyze your real estate litigation case, map out a path toward success and guide you through the process of resolving your real estate dispute.

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