California to Fund $20 Million to Support Local Cannabis Business Licensing in Underserved Areas


In an effort to curb the market for illegal marijuana and meet consumer demand in underserved areas, the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) announced the Local Jurisdiction Retail Access Grant. Marijuana Moment reports that this groundbreaking grant program will provide $20 million in funding that will aid cities and counties throughout the state with their local cannabis business licensing programs.

The state recognizes that 60% of California cities and counties don’t allow cannabis retailers to operate within their jurisdictions. The aim of the initiative addresses this problem in two ways: firstly, it looks to address consumer demand for legal dispensaries in these jurisdictions; secondly, it hopes to help reduce illicit market sales by encouraging responsible retail operations within these jurisdictions.

The DCC has identified 18 counties that lack adequate marijuana retail access and would benefit from the expanded access that this grant aims to promote. San Diego County is included in this list. DCC grants will be available to localities that implement a permitting program. However, those areas with existing retailers or localities that have opted out of allowing marijuana businesses are excluded from eligibility for the grant money.

The California Cannabis Licensing Grant Program aims to reduce illicit cannabis market activity and make legal retail stores more accessible by providing equity applicants with the financial support they need to complete permitting reviews, cover licensing costs, and hire personnel.

The application period for the grant will open beginning March 10-April 28. Awardees can expect their first phase of funding by June 20 with a second round coming shortly after on June 30.

How Purdy & Bailey, LLP Can Help Your Cannabis Business Thrive

This exciting grant promises to expand access to legal marijuana in San Diego County. If you are considering applying for a cannabis retailer license, now may be the time. Given the complexity and nuances of the cannabis industry, however, it’s important to have experienced legal guidance by your side to help ensure the success of your cannabis business.

At Purdy & Bailey, LLP our highly experienced team of cannabis business attorneys have been supporting and guiding cannabis entrepreneurs for years. Our mission is to provide you with excellent legal counsel that will enable you to prosper in all aspects of launching and operating a successful cannabis retail business.

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