Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Action for Cannabis Businesses

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Any business can face potential disciplinary action. Should this come about, a business owner may have to deal with negative repercussions in regards to both their business and their products. The potential for disciplinary action is only escalated when entering the marijuana industry. Under heavy scrutiny, state agencies in California can quickly threaten major action when it comes to cannabis businesses.

To help safeguard your assets and interests, it is important to have a legal team on your side who knows the inner workings of your business and is knowledgeable regarding state and federal laws and regulations. At Purdy & Bailey, LLP, we have 50+ years of collective experience and are well-versed in the cannabis industry.

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Benefits of Counsel During Disciplinary Action

If you are currently operating a marijuana dispensary, you can greatly benefit from having a cannabis business lawyer in San Diego in help your business prevent any possible disciplinary action against your business. If you are currently facing action already, it is even more crucial that you retain counsel.

Benefits of legal help during disciplinary action include: Rights are protected

  • Fair hearing guaranteed
  • Accurate and faithful representation
  • Rigorous effort for informal resolution
  • Ongoing personal counsel

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