Local & State Licensing

Local & State Licensing for Cannabis Businesses in San Diego

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For any business owner, it is vital to understand basic licensing in order to comply with all laws and regulations. Failure to do so can threaten your livelihood and product. With the demands of running a business, it can be difficult to keep up with all of these areas.

At Purdy & Bailey, LLP, we have taken the time to thoroughly understand all licensing laws. We can navigate this area for you to ensure you, your business, your customers, and your product all remain protected as your business grows. Our local and state licensing lawyers for cannabis businesses are ready to review your licensing requirements and get you on the right track.

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California State Licensing for Cannabis Businesses

With recent changes in laws regarding the use of marijuana, new requirements will soon be put in place for businesses to follow. Our team can assist you with staying on top of these state licensing changes.

Possible issues that must be resolved include:

  • Recording and filing a state license
  • Meeting all regulations from the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation
  • Meeting all requirements from the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Agriculture, and Public Health

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Before filing for state licensing, one must demonstrate on a local level some form of authority via license, permit, or another form of authorization. Failure in this area can quickly result in a cease and desist letter, or worse, raid and product seizure. These daunting realities should lead any business to seek legal assistance.

If you are in need of licensing help, there is no one better to turn to than the team at Purdy & Bailey, LLP. With our combined experience and personalized care, we can navigate both state and local licensing to ensure your compliance with the law.

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