San Diego Unfair Competition Lawyer

What is Unfair Competition in Business?

In a perfect world, everyone is free to create their own business and thrive with no other company trying to harm their brand through unethical means. Unfortunately, many companies will resort to unfair competition to succeed beyond their competitors. The term “unfair competition” describes an array of harmful business practices used to either bolster one’s own profits or bring harm to another company.

Our San Diego unfair competition attorneys understand how state and federal laws aim to prevent this type of behavior, and we investigate whether companies are engaging in unlawful practices. If another company is using malicious methods to bolster their own businesses or if you are facing unjust accusations of unfair competition, speak with us. We can meet with you, analyze your options and chart a path towards a successful resolution for you and your business.

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How Do Unfair Competition Laws Help the Business Sector?

  • Unfair competition laws strive to uphold five basic principles of the business market:
  • Protect a business’s economic, creative and intellectual investments
  • Preserve the goodwill the business has generated with customers
  • Dissuade competitors from damaging another business’s goodwill
  • Encourage clarity to consumers about which brand they are supporting
  • Promote competition by encouraging companies to create better quality products than their competitors

Companies that aim to impugn the relationship that another business has with its customers, or if it attempts to deceive customers about which product they are buying, could face accusations of unfair competition. Trademark infringement, false advertising and exposing trade secrets are all types of unfair competition that are actionable in a court of law.

Handling Deceptive Business Practices in California

Our motto is “On Target, On Time, First Pass.” From the beginning, we map out the best path to success that minimizes risk whenever possible. When problems arise, we help businesses and individuals find unique solutions to their legal obstacles.

If you are just beginning the process of business incorporation, we can explain how to avoid the pitfalls of unfair competition as you grow your brand by protecting your trade secrets and proprietary information. This may include drafting corporate policies, confidentiality agreements, and business contracts. Take advantage of our Registered Agent service to have us stay on top of any potential claims against your business.

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