Newsom to Pass Comprehensive Cannabis Licensing Changes

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Governor Gavin Newsom could be signing Assembly Bill 141 into law. Here’s what you should know.

What Is Assembly Bill 141?

Essentially, Bill 141 is a budget bill that will make several notable changes to California cannabis regulations. While many view this bill as a long-overdue solution to many of the state’s issues with marijuana cultivation, others believe that the bill falls short of much-needed changes.

Either way, lawmakers will continue to discuss marijuana reform once they return after summer recess in August. Lobbyists are hopeful that these continued discussions will prove fruitful for the cannabis industry in the future.

What Will AB 141 Do?

Here are some of the changes proposed in AB 141:

  • The provisional licensing program will be extended so temporary permits can be renewed until January 1, 2025
  • Three regulatory agencies, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis, and the Cannabis Manufacturing branch, will be consolidated into one agency: the Department of Cannabis Control
  • Trade samples of marijuana products can be shared between businesses for free

Overall, these changes will help to streamline marijuana regulations in California. Consolidating the regulatory agencies will also help tamper down on conflicting messaging about cannabis cultivation and other rules.

Questions, Comments, and Concerns

While AB 141 is undoubtedly a critical battle, the Cannabis industry has yet to win the war. Amy Jenkins, a lobbyist for the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), says that she and others are concerned that until more extensive changes can be made, marijuana businesses may be stuck in limbo.

Jenkins, among others, is hesitant to celebrate AB 141 until lawmakers make further headway on cannabis reforms. Streamlining the regulatory process is undoubtedly a part of the problem, but what about growers who can’t get a provisional license in time? What pathways to licensing can be drafted in the coming months?

We’ve won the battle but not the war. Can we get this fixed in a way that ensures that all of our provisional license holders have a path to annual licenses? That is uncertain,” says Jenkins.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Cannabis Business

California growers are having a difficult time getting the licenses and permits they need to stay in business. Cost and availability are barriers to start, and many growers are stuck in a sea of red tape. Until more substantial legislation can be in place, California cultivators must secure the licensing they need to stay in business.

Purdy & Bailey, LLP has the experience and resources you need to keep your cannabis business above board. Our team of talented legal professionals can assist you with various cannabis-related legal needs, from zoning to dealing with disciplinary action.

Our firm can assist with the following:

  • Permits
  • Cannabis business formation and operation
  • Federal law
  • Criminal charge prevention
  • Local and state licensing
  • Cannabis for veterans
  • And more

Don’t wait to contact our team at Purdy & Bailey, LLP. Compliance with regulations has never been more nuanced, and regulations have never been more vague. We can help you understand what steps to take and how to protect your business by evaluating your unique situation and creating a strategy tailored to your needs.

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