Do Squatters Have Rights in California?


What Are Squatters?

Squatters are the slang term for people who live in an unoccupied building or area of land without the right to do so. If you are a property owner with plans to rehabilitate abandoned real estate, or you simply have not yet put part of your land to use, these unlawful occupants may be a source of trouble or frustration.

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California, however, gives squatters rights that may turn a small annoyance into a serious legal hassle. This was the case for one condo-owner in Southern California, who made no use of his property for 13 years. When he finally visited, he found it occupied, because squatters had successfully gained the title to his condo.

What Is Adverse Possession?

Adverse possession is the process by which one party (in this case, the unlawful occupant/squatter) obtains rights to a portion of the property they occupy. Adverse possession is different from encroachment. Although both involve unauthorized use of property, encroachment is when a neighboring property owner builds or extends a structure onto another person’s property.

What Are Squatters Rights in California?

In California, squatters can gain rights to the property if they live there for five or more years. The original owner, therefore, has the burden of making use of the property and forcing squatters to leave the premises.

To gain full legal rights at the end of the five-year period, squatters must:

  • Pay property taxes for the title
  • Cultivate and improve the property
  • Occupy the property in a continuous and open way, so the true owner could have easily witnessed their occupation

How To Evict Squatters

If you discover unlawful occupants or squatters on your property, you can evict them and effectively prevent adverse possession by:

  • Calling the police
  • Serving them with an eviction notice
  • Filing a lawsuit

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