What are My Rights for At-Will Employment? San Diego Employment Law Attorney Explains

We are involved with employment law disputes. We typically represent the employers but we oftentimes represent employees as well. Oftentimes for example there will be a situation that arises where the employer is just simply not satisfied with the job performance of the employee, and one of the first things that the employer will do when they come to us, and we highly recommend this, if any firm, company, corporation is thinking about terminating an employee, even though the employer-employee relationship is at-will, which means that either the employer or the employee can terminate it, for any reason at any time or no reason at all. Even though there may be an at-will provision we always counsel our employers to be very very careful, because even in an at-will situation, the employer is not completely at liberty to discharge the employee or otherwise terminate the employer-employee relationship. Even where you have an employee that is not performing as they should, if that employee is within a protected class, you have to be very very careful, you have to tread very very careful for purposes of preparing and executing at an appropriate exit strategy. Feel free to call us for purposes of scheduling a confidential consultation, the telephone number here is (858) 564-0136 or you can visit us at our website, PurdyBailey.com.