San Diego City is Preparing for More Cannabis Dispensaries

Lemon Grove, a city in San Diego County, California, is getting ready to open the doors of several marijuana dispensaries. It previously had a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries but after Measure V passed in November 2016, changes will be sweeping across the city. This approved measure reversed the ban that was previously set in place. It is the third city in San Diego County to allow medical marijuana businesses in.

Now, medical marijuana dispensaries are opening their doors and are allowed to sell marijuana to patients. They will, however, operate under close scrutiny from the city and will be required to follow strict guidelines for their business. According to the text of Measure V, any business wishing to sell will require a Conditional Use Permit and must open in one of the following types of locations only:

  • Heavy Commercial Zone
  • Limited Commercial Zone
  • General Commercial Zone
  • Light Commercial Zone

Response of the City’s Residents

As is expected, residents throughout the city have mixed reactions about the uplifting of the ban. This is not surprising, however, because the measure passed by just 90 votes.

Some residents feel that this ease of access to marijuana is not going to benefit the city, especially the teenagers. Business owners especially have expressed concern about this change. Others believe that it is an important step that the city is taking.

Regardless of the positive or negative feelings toward the situation, the city is preparing for this change to occur. It is joining the cities of San Diego and La Mesa as the third in San Diego County to pass a measure that legally allows marijuana to be sold for medicinal usage.

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