LAX Now Allowing Marijuana at the Airport


Marijuana lovers in California can rejoice: Now, travelers passing through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be allowed to take cannabis products through security. California law enforcement has adapted to Proposition 64 by slowly allowing marijuana in more and more places throughout the state, and the airport is the latest – and perhaps most surprising – addition to this list.

However, as with anything related to cannabis law, this announcement comes with some heavy caveats. As San Diego cannabis business lawyers, our team at Purdy & Bailey, LLP knows that it can be difficult to decipher the rules of marijuana, in light of the often contradictory federal and state laws on this substance. In this post, we’ll discuss the recent announcement and what it could mean for your recreational cannabis business.

Cannabis On a Plane: What’s Allowed and What Isn’t

The maximum amount allowed on planes will be the same as the amount allowed throughout the state under Proposition 64: 1 ounce or 28.5 total grams of marijuana, and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana. For those familiar with cannabis, that’s a surprisingly high amount, given the airplane industries’ reticence to allow this drug anywhere near planes in the past.

However, the LAX press release neglects to mention that planes are still subject to federal law, which means that any search and seizure on the plane could still enable law enforcement to arrest you and seize your cannabis products, even if the LA police department refuses to prosecute. Because the vast majority of states have yet to legalize recreational marijuana, there are also no guarantees about marijuana when you touch ground in your final destination. If you’re going to Oklahoma, it may not be wise to bring an edible with you, especially if you have a connecting flight that requires a security check for any reason.

Finally, you can still get in trouble with airport authorities and police for exhibiting clear signs of being high on cannabis products while flying. Although you may not get arrested, you could get prevented from boarding your aircraft or even ejected from the airport by security.

How Can Business Owners Use the Pot Tourism Boost?

All the caveats aside, it’s a great time for cannabis business owners to capitalize on the changing norms around marijuana. Pot tourism has increased throughout the state of California since dispensaries first began selling recreational marijuana in January 2018, and visitors from around the world are rushing to sample their wares. Cannabis bus tours and ads aimed at tourists have proliferated as a result, with some stores even advertising their proximity to LAX. Now that marijuana will be allowed on airplanes, prospective customers may decide to take products back with them to their home destinations, leading to even higher sales for businesses that choose to capitalize on this trend.

At Purdy & Bailey, LLP, we know the cannabis business in California can be as complex and confusing as it is lucrative. Aside from dealing with intensive testing regulations and paperwork, you may run the risk of encountering federal laws against marijuana. That’s where our San Diego cannabis business law attorneys can assist. If you need help as a tester, cultivator, or seller of these products, we can assist you with the compliance paperwork and make sure you have access to appropriate representation if challenged.

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