Elevationists & the International Church of Cannabis


At Purdy & Bailey, LLP, we are always on the lookout for developments and news in the world of cannabis law. We were not expecting, however, for marijuana to develop into a religion.

A group of Elevationists have opened a new church in Denver, the International Church of Cannabis. The congregation is comprised of “Elevationists” who hold the belief that they can find spiritual fulfillment through the use of cannabis. The founder claims that Elevationism is not meant to act as a replacement to one’s existing faith. Instead, it is meant to act as a supplement.

The church’s stated purpose is to elevate the worshiper’s life to the fullest potential and have a spiritual self-discovery through cannabis. They want it to be a community church, although the rumors about the church provide different information. Some community members believe that it will be used as a smoking lounge or that it is just for the purpose of being used as a loophole for illegal activities. The owner, however, denies that this has anything to do with the mission of the church.

Elevationists took over a 113-year-old church that was renovated in a colorful fashion designed to be aesthetically pleasing to stoners. Some community members are considering it an upgrade, and others an offense. Regardless, the owner’s goal is to impact the neighborhood and do “great things for the community.” How this church will impact Denver, Colorado is not clear, but this city will likely be a haven for potsmokers throughout the world.

Although we do not have any local spots for Elevationism to thrive in San Diego, legal issues can arise. Our San Diego cannabis business lawyers help clients throughout California handle a wide range of cannabis issues. We encourage you to contact our team to discuss your issue if you have any concerns.

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